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The interesting thing about this name is that you can read it both as atypical and a typical. 

A typical in a way that we are more of a traveler than a tourist. We prefer the off-beaten path and the less-traveled areas rather than the usual tourist spots. The best trip for us includes a loose itinerary.

Going to the usual tourist attraction is a given but instead of the usual snap-a-photo-and-leave practice, we opt staying and immersing ourselves with the feel of the place. There are simple joys in watching the sun set over the Prambanan horizon, people-watching while having coffee at the sidewalk coffee stalls of Ho Chi Minh, reading a book in front of Thailand's Grand Palace, or simply gazing at the slice of blue sky framed by towering pine trees in Nagsasa Cove. As much as possible, we try to get lost within the place that we are in.

In a way, we also atypical travelers simply because we are always working on a tight budget. "No money, still travel" is the new mantra. We have the travel budget of a minimum wage earner so we make it a point to fit everything in.

This blog is written to document our travels.



pluning said...

Hi there- great blog! I was not able to find any other contact info, so just sent you a message on Instagram. When you have a moment, could you take a quick look? Thank you!

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